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Best Westborough Movers – Local Moving Company Westborough, MA

Don’t let moving get you down or put you in debt! Instead, give Varsity Movers LLC a call. We’re confident we can provide you with the perfect moving services.

Moving day is around the corner, and you’ve likely encountered the same two problems when approaching traditional Westborough movers for help. Either they won’t take on your moving job or quote you so much you might as well hand over your entire savings account.

It’s frustrating, to say the least. 

Without any other option, many enlist the help of friends or family members only to quickly realize why exactly people are willing to pay for moving companies in the first place. 

So put the pizza and beer payment to the side, avoid the chaos and complaining, and give Varsity Movers LLC a call. 

We take care of jobs too small for moving companies and too big for you!

Varsity Movers LLC will provide the brawn, brains, and heart to make your move as fast and easy as possible. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Join our community of over 2500 happy customers and check out our reviews. 

Don’t let moving get you down or put you in debt! Instead, work with Varsity Movers LLC. We’re confident we can provide you with the perfect moving services.

#1 Westborough Moving Company

Traditional moving companies tend to be leery of smaller moving jobs. 

They consider them too small to make money or a waste of time. Sometimes they will take on the job but charge extreme amounts for small amounts of work. 

It’s enough to make one lose faith in the moving industry, especially if you desperately need moving help. 

Varsity Movers LLC noticed this issue and decided to kill two birds with one stone. 

By providing our moving services, we can help the local Westborough community and provide jobs to high school and college students that fit their tight schedules. 

So far, it’s worked out great! For five years, our small mom-and-son moving company has become the first choice for people needing specific small moving jobs. 

We’ve done everything from moving college kids into their dorms to helping someone load a couch into their truck!

You might wonder whether trusting a bunch of athletes with your valuables is safe. Yes, it is!

Varsity Movers LLC is filled with a crew of older and experienced movers who help the newer movers get the hang of the job. Every team member is enthusiastic and understands how important doing a good job is. 

Let the reviews speak for themselves. Even after 5 years and hundreds of clients, we still have a 5-star rating!

Varsity Movers LLC is the best Westborough movers! 

With our thoughtful, efficient, and careful movers, you won’t have to stress about unprofessional behavior or damaged goods. If that wasn’t good enough, consider our affordable fees with no hidden costs.

Whatever your needs, Varsity Movers LLC is the way to go.

An image of a member of Varsity Movers LLC carrying furniture in a client's house

Affordable Westborough Moving Services By Varsity Movers LLC

Give us a call at 508-259-6257 or fill out a contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and schedule your moving date!

Please tell us what you need from our moving company, and we promise to deliver. We don’t believe in empty promises. 

Don’t let your small move become a big problem. Let Varsity Movers LLC provide dedicated moving services guaranteed to save you cash and a whole lot of stress.

Local Moving

Don’t let the stress of local moving ruin your day, and let Varsity Movers LLC take care of it for you! We’ve got you covered, from helping you across town or moving into your dorm. 

We’ll establish the fastest route and provide efficient moving services to save you time and money. With our friendly movers at your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to local moving job

Apartment Moving

With Varsity Movers LLC at your side, you won’t have to rely on friends, family, or traditional movers for apartment moving help. 

Whether you need help moving a couch across the hall or to another apartment, we can take care of it at affordable rates. 

Movers With A Truck

Until recently, Varsity Movers LLC was a labor-only moving company. But with the addition of our new truck, we can now offer professional movers with a truck service.

With our friendly movers, affordable rates, and clean truck, we can handle any moving job you throw at us!

Small Moves

If you only need help with a few pieces of furniture or even just one item, Varsity Movers LLC is the Westborough movers to call. 

With muscle and smiles, we’ll help you complete your small moves at an affordable price!



Varsity Movers just took care of a pretty large (two-truck) move from Franklin to Longmeadow for me, and I can’t say enough about what a good job they did. Well-organized, well-done and at a good value. And for anyone complaining young people aren’t willing to work hard, hire them to do your moving and be very pleasantly surprised.
Justin and Michael were outstanding! They were fast, efficient, and very affordable.I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys our move was awesome!!
Justin was helpful with planning and scheduling, and Jackson and Kyle were super efficient and professional with the move! They got it done under the quoted time. Would definitely hire again.
Great experience using these movers. Movers worked hard and got a lot done by the hour. The hourly rate is well priced for this area. Customer service for booking beforehand was prestine as well. They got back to me with a quote so fast while other companies were sluggish with responding.
I utilized Varsity Movers to help move a commercial-grade treadmill that I got off of a yard sale page.Kierin (the owner) was super responsive and fit me in just 2 days after I called.The team was quick, careful, kind, and thorough.I highly recommend Varsity Movers and look forward to utilizing them again in the future.
I needed some help moving a lathe down into my basement and discovered Varsity Movers offered such a service. The crew was prompt and professional. Communication with regards to costs, appointment reminders and updates on arrival times were all handled great. Not sure it could have gone much smoother. My old back is quite thankful.
The guys at Varsity were amazing. From the office team to the actual move, everything went without a hitch!10/10 would use them again!
I am very happy I chose Varsity Movers to help my family with our move. They were extremely easy to work with, gave a quick estimate, and made our moving day smooth. This is the 2nd time we have used them and if another move presents itself in the future we will definitely use them again 🙂
Michael and Kyle were great. They helped us move furniture around our house after our reno and moved boxes in from our pod. I’d highly recommend Varsity movers to anyone looking for moving help.
The movers were courteous, on time, professional and experienced. Will definitely be using Varsity movers again!
We highly recommend Varsity Movers. Kieran was extremely professional and knowledgeable – from providing a price quote to working alongside his team. Our belongings were stored for several days before being safely delivered to our new home. The whole crew was very polite, taking such care wrapping items and working diligently the entire time. Justin was highly experienced, a master at loading the truck and orchestrating much of the process. Excellent job!!read more
Highly recommend! Very polite, arrived promptly and professionally moved what we needed. We only needed 3 items moved, one to curb, one to garage and one into the house but they were too heavy for my husband and I to do by ourselves. This company provides 1 hour labor service to move whatever for you, truly a lifesaver of our future aching bones. Will use again!read more
Coordinating a move for my family in Boston from the West Coast was easy thanks to Kierin and Varsity Movers. We appreciate how communicative, helpful and accommodating they were. The move itself was well coordinated and timely. They worked very hard for us! We highly recommend Varsity Movers.
We had a Great Experience with Varsity Movers with our recent move! The entire moving process can be very stressful, but Kieran and Mitch made it a nice experience; professional, attentive, accommodating, just a pleasure to work with I Highly Recommend Varsity Movers!! … First a week before our move, we needed to change our move date by a week and they were very flexible and accommodating. We moved out and in over 2 days, the crew was right on time both days. They were nice, polite, courteous and efficient young gentlemen. I really can’t say enough kind words about Varsity Movers and if I ever needed to move again I know who I’d hire in a heartbeat!read more
My roommate and I used Varsity Movers from our move in Boston to a new apartment. The two men that moved us were amazing! They got the whole job done in a timely manor, were very respectful with our furniture and were very kind! I will definitely be using them in the future!


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