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Best Movers In Ashland, MA – Local Moving Company Ashland

Varsity Movers is the way to go for your Ashland moving needs. With affordable rates, exceptional service, and thoughtful customer care, we’ll take care of you and that heavy couch you’ve been struggling with.

If you have smaller moving needs and tried to find help with local Ashland movers, you’ve likely received two types of replies from traditional moving companies. Either they refused to take on such a small job, or they quoted a ridiculous amount of money for barely any work. 

Without any help, friends and family seem to be the only option. But if you have had any experience moving with amateurs, you’ll know you’re in for a long day full of chaos, complaining, and furniture damage. 

Varsity Movers understands your frustration. That’s why we offer our services as the perfect in-between option. 

We do jobs that are too small for moving companies and too big for you!

Varsity Movers will provide the muscle to ensure your move is easy and stress-free. Please don’t take our word for it; we’re confident in our abilities with over 2,500 happy customers and reviews like these

Give Varsity Movers a call! Let us be the muscle that shoulders the weight of moving for you.  

An image of Varsity Movers LLC guys moving boxes in Ashland, MA.

Varsity Movers – The #1 Ashland Movers You Can Trust

More prominent moving companies need moving projects to be a specific size before they take them on. They don’t consider them profitable if they are too small and would rather just decline the job. 

On the flip side, some moving companies might quote ridiculous amounts for even the most basic services. 

It makes it hard for people to find moving services for smaller moving jobs. Either you have to fork over the money or trust your valuables with people that are likely to damage them. 

That’s where we, Varsity Movers, come in. We saw this problem and decided to offer moving services that could help the local community and the student population!

Our small mom-and-son moving company is a more affordable alternative for smaller moving jobs. Need help moving a couple of pieces of furniture? We’ve got your back. Do you need help loading a heavy couch into your truck? We can do that too!

This way, we provide much-needed moving services and help local athletes with a side hustle that fits their schedule. 

If you are worried about us causing any damage, don’t be. We’ve been in business for over 5 years and still have a 5-star rating. Our movers are careful, thoughtful, and efficient and will handle your belongings with care. 

Varsity Movers is the way to go for your Ashland moving needs. With affordable rates, exceptional service, and thoughtful customer care, we’ll take care of you and that heavy couch you’ve been struggling with. 

Varsity Movers LLC member packing in Ashland, MA

Affordable Ashland Moving Services By Varsity Movers LLC

Say no to ridiculous fees and moving stress by giving Varsity Movers a call! Contact us at 508-259-6257 or fill out a contact form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Let us know what your moving needs are, and we’ll get right to it. Don’t stress about high charges, hidden costs, or movers who won’t take you seriously. 

Instead, partner with Varsity Movers. All you need to do is sit back and let us take care of it for you. 

Local Moving

Whether you are a college kid moving into your dorm or a single person needing help moving a desk, we’ve got your local moving needs covered. 

We’ll provide quick and affordable local moving and map out the fastest and safest route to your destination. Across town or the road, Varsity Movers is the way to go. 

Apartment Moving

Leave your friends and family at home and don’t pay for that traditional moving company. Instead, leave your apartment move to our muscle. 

Whether you need help loading, unloading, or want to move a couch across the hall, we’ve got you covered with affordable rates and friendly movers. 

Movers With A Truck

We got a truck! Varsity Movers used to be a labor-only moving company, but now that we have a truck, we help you with all your moving needs!

Just call us, and let us move you with our clean and serviced truck. Don’t deal with hidden fees. Instead, enjoy our affordable rates, our enthusiastic movers, and our tailor-made moving services. 

Small Moves

What happens when you’ve managed the entire move by yourself and now only need help with a few heavy pieces of furniture? What if you only have one heavy item you need help with? 

You call Varsity Movers! We’ll happily provide the muscle and help you with any of your small moving needs.



They moved my daughter’s furniture and belongings to her apartment in Boston, Including an unscheduled stop to pick up a large sofa from another apartment. They were professional and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend Varsity Movers.

Maureen H.

star star star star star

Highly recommend them for all your moving needs!!! Both Andrew and Nick were wonderful and finished the job neatly and orderly within 2 hours! Very reliable and efficient Varsity Movers!!!

Ramya S.

star star star star star

Varsity Movers just took care of a pretty large (two-truck) move from Franklin to Longmeadow for me, and I can’t say enough about what a good job they did. Well-organized, well-done and at a good value.

Randy Y.

star star star star star

Varsity movers were pleasant, careful and thoughtful on all moves out and back. Price resonable and very responsive. Highly recommend.

Melanie L.

star star star star star

Very professional, courteous, and efficient. Great experience with how they handled our move overall. It felt like a couple of friends from college helped us move.

Madhav S.

star star star star star


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