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Do you need help with a small move in Hopkinton, MA, or the nearby towns? You can move quickly and effectively with the assistance of our team of professional movers. And with no stress and at a reasonable price.

Small Job Moving Help

At its core, Varsity Movers LLC was created to fulfill a niche within an otherwise massive moving industry, the small move that people need assistance with on a daily basis. We do this while also providing employment to the student-athletes of the community. We like to sum it up in our tag-line that says:

“Varsity Movers LLC tackles the jobs that are too small for moving companies, but too big for YOU!”

Next time you are looking for local small movers, call our crew of student-athletes!
Two members of Varsity Movers LLC carrying a table to their truck

Why would you need to hire movers for a small job?

It’s not every day that people decide to uproot themselves, pack all of their belongings into boxes, onto a truck, and move away. When they do, they know they need to call movers to speed up the process for them, but what about all of the quick in-house moves that these large companies charge a fortune to do? That is where Varsity Movers LLC comes in, whether you need help with:

  • Room to room moving

  • Moving outdoor furniture in/ out for the season

  • Moving treadmill/workout equipment around the house

  • Staging furniture for your home

  • Removing furniture for new flooring and returning it to its place after

  • Placing furniture deliveries that need to be brought into the house.

  • Removing an AC unit from a window after the season has ended

  • Bringing down the heavy boxes of holiday decorations from the attic

  • Carrying one couch out to the curb

We are here to save you time and money! 

Save Your Back!

Did you know that one of the main reasons people visit a back doctor or chiropractor is due to injury from lifting heavy items?

One heavy lift or twist, even a small move, can put you out of commission for days or sometimes weeks. Trying to tackle it solo can ruin floors too. Save your back, arms, neck and sanity by hiring Varsity Movers LLC.

Save Your Friendships!

At some point, we are all too old to be calling on neighbors, old college roommates or Uncle Jim to come help with a move.  And do those people really want to help with a move anyway? Don’t tax your friendships by asking for help moving items. And lest we forget~ payback! When Jim helps you move, you are up next when he moves!

Save Your Time!

Think about the value of your time! Taking time off from work, connecting with buddies (see above) and coordinating with others uses your valuable time, just to get 1 or 2 items moved around your house. “It only took me 4 hours honey” isn’t going to go over so well. Instead, you could call Varsity Movers LLC and have the job done in no time, while feeling good about supporting local athletes.

We Specialize in Small Moves!

One question we get quite often is, “Will you even come for such a small move?”, and we say YES! That is exactly the niche we fulfill. Our guys are trained to maneuver even your bulkiest sleeper sofa around the house, with the goal of protecting your furniture, your walls, and your back! We have helped hundreds of clients with all sorts of tasks around the house.

Have a new piece of furniture being delivered that needs to be moved to its final location? Finally dedicating that one room to a workout space and need to get all of the equipment in? Or do you simply need help moving room to room to accommodate someone coming home from surgery? These are just some of the examples of smaller moving jobs we have helped our clients with, and we look forward to helping you!



Varsity Movers just took care of a pretty large (two-truck) move from Franklin to Longmeadow for me, and I can’t say enough about what a good job they did. Well-organized, well-done and at a good value. And for anyone complaining young people aren’t willing to work hard, hire them to do your moving and be very pleasantly surprised.
Justin and Michael were outstanding! They were fast, efficient, and very affordable.I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys our move was awesome!!
Justin was helpful with planning and scheduling, and Jackson and Kyle were super efficient and professional with the move! They got it done under the quoted time. Would definitely hire again.
Great experience using these movers. Movers worked hard and got a lot done by the hour. The hourly rate is well priced for this area. Customer service for booking beforehand was prestine as well. They got back to me with a quote so fast while other companies were sluggish with responding.
I utilized Varsity Movers to help move a commercial-grade treadmill that I got off of a yard sale page.Kierin (the owner) was super responsive and fit me in just 2 days after I called.The team was quick, careful, kind, and thorough.I highly recommend Varsity Movers and look forward to utilizing them again in the future.
I needed some help moving a lathe down into my basement and discovered Varsity Movers offered such a service. The crew was prompt and professional. Communication with regards to costs, appointment reminders and updates on arrival times were all handled great. Not sure it could have gone much smoother. My old back is quite thankful.
The guys at Varsity were amazing. From the office team to the actual move, everything went without a hitch!10/10 would use them again!
I am very happy I chose Varsity Movers to help my family with our move. They were extremely easy to work with, gave a quick estimate, and made our moving day smooth. This is the 2nd time we have used them and if another move presents itself in the future we will definitely use them again 🙂
Michael and Kyle were great. They helped us move furniture around our house after our reno and moved boxes in from our pod. I’d highly recommend Varsity movers to anyone looking for moving help.
The movers were courteous, on time, professional and experienced. Will definitely be using Varsity movers again!
We highly recommend Varsity Movers. Kieran was extremely professional and knowledgeable – from providing a price quote to working alongside his team. Our belongings were stored for several days before being safely delivered to our new home. The whole crew was very polite, taking such care wrapping items and working diligently the entire time. Justin was highly experienced, a master at loading the truck and orchestrating much of the process. Excellent job!!read more
Highly recommend! Very polite, arrived promptly and professionally moved what we needed. We only needed 3 items moved, one to curb, one to garage and one into the house but they were too heavy for my husband and I to do by ourselves. This company provides 1 hour labor service to move whatever for you, truly a lifesaver of our future aching bones. Will use again!read more
Coordinating a move for my family in Boston from the West Coast was easy thanks to Kierin and Varsity Movers. We appreciate how communicative, helpful and accommodating they were. The move itself was well coordinated and timely. They worked very hard for us! We highly recommend Varsity Movers.
We had a Great Experience with Varsity Movers with our recent move! The entire moving process can be very stressful, but Kieran and Mitch made it a nice experience; professional, attentive, accommodating, just a pleasure to work with I Highly Recommend Varsity Movers!! … First a week before our move, we needed to change our move date by a week and they were very flexible and accommodating. We moved out and in over 2 days, the crew was right on time both days. They were nice, polite, courteous and efficient young gentlemen. I really can’t say enough kind words about Varsity Movers and if I ever needed to move again I know who I’d hire in a heartbeat!read more
My roommate and I used Varsity Movers from our move in Boston to a new apartment. The two men that moved us were amazing! They got the whole job done in a timely manor, were very respectful with our furniture and were very kind! I will definitely be using them in the future!



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