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If you are looking to move out of your apartment or condo, there are many options out there! You can handle the move by yourself, hire or call in favors from friends, or hire a professional moving company. While going the friends and family route or handling the move by yourself may seem like the cheapest option~ it is also the most time consuming and taxing (on your back and your friendships). Time is money!

Varsity Movers LLC provides an “in-between” option. We are apartment movers, we have exceptional pricing, and we offer a haggle-free hourly rate. This saves you time, friendships, and money; all while sparing your back! If you are looking to handle an apartment move give us a call. As of December 2021, we now offer moving with a truck! Varsity Movers LLC has a small business mindset to get the job done in a respectful and timely manner, all while at a great price!

Loading and Unloading

Moving isn’t rocket science, but there are definitely smart and… not so smart ways to go about it. When it comes to loading and unloading a truck for your apartment move, proper placement of boxes and large furniture items is crucial to keep them safe and intact during transportation. Making the trek on your own to save money may end up costing more in the long run! Items can be damaged, apartment walls or floors can be dinged, heights of objects can be misjudged and you could then lose your security deposit! 

The most important thing when moving items in and out of a truck, going down stairs or around corners is to protect your own body! Our professional movers know how to handle heavy weight items with the proper gear, and while you may feel capable, your husband/wife/partner/friend isn’t going to be happy if you are stuck on the couch for a week with a slipped disc! 

Ready To Move? 

As you get closer to your apartment move date you will want to ensure everything is ready to go. Here are a couple of pointers which can ensure a seamless move:

1- To have things go as quickly as possible, we ask that everything is boxed and ready to go before the Varsity Movers crew arrives. All too often, our team is on site and done with the packed items faster than anticipated. We are then waiting for you to have more things ready to go. Boxing the day of the job slows us down, costing you more money!

2- Many apartments have a detached garage or extra storage, so be sure to check those places for any miscellaneous items. Scrambling to find a place for things last minute is one way to make your move more difficult and add to your own stress level! 

3- Toss, donate or recycle! Throw away stuff you don’t use! Donating old/unused furniture and clothing is a great way to help others while saving you the hassle of transporting from location to location. Assess whether items will fit or match in your new place and ditch them before the move if not! Donations can also be a tax deduction if items are given to charity. Less to move means less time and in turn lowers your moving expenses!



Varsity Movers has dozens of 5-star reviews from past homeowners we've helped.

varsity movers reviews

Varsity movers were really great U haul screwed up and Varsity movers did all they could to help us reschedule. Finding time the following day and following up to see if we needed additional help. Movers were fast and careful. Despite tight stairs and low ceilings. Definitely recommend them.


varsity movers reviews

I recently moved to Massachusetts and used Varsity movers twice. Both times the movers were on time and did an amazing job. I highly recommend the service for anyone who needs some helping hands!


varsity movers reviews

This is the 3rd time we've used varsity movers because these young men do a great job. All the pieces we've had them move were transferred with care. They showed up on time. They were polite and hard working.



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